Saturday, November 11, 2006

December events

Students are encouraged to join Causeway Open in Dec for their international exposure. Check for details.

For Scrabblers who are not prepared to go that far, do join in our
2nd BTS Open on 16th Dec (Sat) at 10 Avenue Food Mall (Scrabble Corner).
2 divisions:
Open (ratings below 1300)
7 games will be played
6 games will be played

Format: KOTH last game (both division)
word reference - OSW I
free challenge

Original Scrabble sets and clocks will be provided.

Registration RM10, pay at the door.

Starts at 9am. Ends at 6pm

Please register before 10th Dec. Late comers will be charged RM15.
Contact ASAP to register.


Anonymous said...

May I know the challenge format for BTS open? Thanks.

^newhopes^ said...

Forgive me for interrupting, but it's stated that the format is "free challenge" or SINGLE according to ISC language. It means that a player can challenge as many words as possible and no penalty shall be administered to the challenger should the word be valid.

Hope this helps!

myscrabble said...

Yes, if the word is not allowed, player takes back tiles and loses a turn. No penalty to challenger if word is allowed/valid.
Normally, this format is for students and beginners as they learn through challenging. If there is penalty, they might not challenge for fear of being penalised. How to learn , then?

Ronan Jimson said...

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