Monday, November 27, 2006

Countdown to WYSC

Looking back, in the past three years that I have been doing the Inter-school events, participation from students around Malaysian schools has multiplied more than ten? times than the 1st Malaysian junior scrabble championship in 1999.
The 7th ISSC saw 240 students competing in the finals. Total of 760 students participated in 6 states during the preliminary. More students could have competed in the finals if not for the space constraint.
This is very encouraging.

Happy to note that so many students discovered their scrabble talents through the inter-school events. Not surprised that that is how Malaysia has 10 youths competing in the WYSC.
Hats off to the Malaysian youths if half of them end up in the top 20 WYSC ranking. Half of them started playing in the inter-school last year and this year. They were so confident in competing despite having little exposure in the international circuit. There is always the first time, though. Winning is not everything. What they will achieve is the experience and exposure. I am sure they will all do their best.

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