Sunday, February 19, 2006

7th ISSC State level updates

Will fax/send letters to school starting Monday 20th February. Team event maintained with 4 students to a team. No change in team member order for all games e.g, If you are named Player 1, you are to stick to that No. throughout the games.
Chose a team leader and remember to name your team. The two categories
- Under 18 (born after 1st Jan 1989) For upper secondary students in forms 4 & 5
- Under 15 (born after 1st Jan 1991) For lower secondary students in forms 1, 2 & 3
Lower age group can play in higher category but higher age cannot play in lower category.

Words references are not allowed. Start memorising the 2 & 3 letter words now.
Scrabble sets and clocks will be provided.

Events will start with registration at 8.ooam followed by briefings at 8.30am. 5 games will be played for state level. Expected to end at 5.30pm after announcement of results and presentation of certificates.

Look out for new postings once host school is confirmed.

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