Friday, January 20, 2006

7th ISSC 2006

Looks like we are still gonna play 11 games for the Team event on 27th and 28th May. Good players ( state level) whose team do not qualify for finals, will be invited to take part in the individual event. All finalists in team event will definitely qualify to join Individual event in August. Good for Scrabble 'kakis' . Gonna have ample time to prepare for Individual inter-school challenge on 19th & 20th August.

Cannot reveal what is in store just as yet untill everything has been finalised. So far, this is what I can tell.
And yes, schools interested to host state level competition please contact me. Limited slot available. Will definitely give new schools a chance to host event.

Starting Under 12 inter-school competition this year. Event will be after UPSR exams.
Schools Scrabble Club can contact me if assistance needed.

Will update blog when more 'goodies' come in.


Victor Ching said...

Sigh... at both dates I will be in Australia...

Henry Yeo said...

So when will you be back?
Will see what I can drum up in the meantime