Thursday, November 17, 2005

Scrabble Corner at Berjaya Times Square 12th Nov.

BTS Scrabble corner site - cool isn't it?

Saturday, 12th Nov 2005 was our second Scrabble corner at 10th Avenue Food Mall (10th floor), Berjaya Times Square, Jalan imbi, Kuala lumpur.

First to arrive was Celia and Dad, followed by 8 year old Zane (aka Kira or Gila Tomato )and Mum. Adamant not to play at first, little Zane finally end up keeping scores for "young Granny" Liciene! Infact, he ended playing the last word for Luciene.

It is nice seeing the 3 generations playing/learning the game together. With the nice and cosy environment, really feels good to see everyone enjoying their game.

I hope more Masters could join the weekly meet and mingle with other 'newbies'. We're gonna have a big happy scrabble family.

Douglas (visitor from Cape Town) was hoping to see a big crowd just like what they used to have back in Cape Town. He said they have their Scrabble haunt everyday!
Maybe we can have one Ladies week, one Senior's week, junior's, etc. etc.

For all those who had been requesting for weekly corner, you got it! Thanks to Berjaya Times Square Management Team. From this Saturday (19th Nov. 2005) onwards, The BTS Scrabble Corner is on every week! For those looking for 'kaki', there you go. Please bring own Scrabble set. I have limited sets with me.

Workshop for beginners will still be only once a month. For 3rd Dec meet, I will bring some clocks for those who want to practise for tournament on 10th Dec.
From next year onwards, plan to have workshop for higher level. Need help and co-operation from the Masters.
Loking forward to meet more new 'converts'. Happy Scrabbling!


Victor Ching said...

Hi Mrs Yap

Didn't know you had a scrabble blog. Anyway, nice blog and nice idea!!!

Just a suggestion, I don't think many people know of this blog, maybe you should publicise it in the Star Newpaper Column.


Victor Ching said...

Wait... are you Mrs Yap?

Sharon C said...

God..this place looks so cool..i might sacrifice my sleep for this..thanks BTS..