Friday, November 11, 2005

Berjaya Times Square Scrabble Tournament

The BTS Scrabble Tournament will be held on 10th & 11th Dec at where else if not Berjaya Times Square! So far we have Debenhams sponsoring Cash vouchers for winners. More sponsors to come.
There will be four categories:
Masters, Open (ratings below 1200 points), Under 18 and Under 15.
Being the end of year school holidays and also after Malaysian's major public exams, more students especially from Malacca and Johor are expected to come.
Entry fees are RM10 for U-15, U-18 & Open category( 11 games). RM20 for Masters( 13 games)
Probably this will be the last time we are playing in these categories. Might categorised players under ratings instead. As in the past events, clearly shows that age is not a factor! A nine and half year old (William Kang) is the champ for U-15 and 13 year old (Ong Suann) champ for U-18!
Hope to see more new and promising players in the future.


Vixey said...

Hi there!

Great fun today meeting all of you at Berjaya Times Square. It was very interesting playing with different people and also getting to know the rules of the game better.

Looking forward to the next gathering!

myscrabble said...

Hi vixey,
I haven't given you the full rules yet...
Wait for next scrabble corner ok?

^newhopes^ said...

kinda implying that I am "old" for U-18, but still I cant perform..losing out to younger players...anyway, I think there's a first time for everyone...

Sharon C said...

hi to all scrabblers out there...
mrs yap..can an U15 student play in the U18 category?

myscrabble said...

You can play U-18 as long as you are U-18. 15 is below 18, right?
Of course 18 cannot play under 15!
Your ratings will be better if you play in the higher age group.