Wednesday, May 02, 2007

8th ISSC finalist

For those who have been praying hard that your team will be selected in the finals, pray no more now. Due to the limited place, I can only add in 6 teams. Please do not beg me or sweet talk me as this is the most that I can accommodate. I know that all of you played hard and travelled far to qualify for the finals, I have to draw the line.

2nd MYSC will be in August. So, if you miss this team event, look forward to the 2nd MYSC.

Here goes the 6 additional teams for 8ISSC finals:

Kingdom Heartz U-15 SMK St Francis, Melaka
Isengardianz U-15 SMKPuteri, Seremban
Wordplay U-15 SMK King George V, Seremban
Dynamic U-18 SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh
Roots U-18 SMK (P) Methodist, Ipoh
Morphemes U-18 SMK USJ 4

Please inform me if your team could not come for the finals. There are so many others on the waiting line.

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