Monday, September 25, 2006

WYSC Selection

Yes, I do agree that this is not the best selection criteria. Definitely we need to improve on this. As it is now, not all the good student players are rated yet. If we were to follow strictly on ratings and rankings, so many students would have been left out as some of them were only rated after MYSC.

The inter-school events help us to identify the good student players. At the moment, the only event that students can compete in are mainly from the events that were organised by me.

MSA were given the proposed list to finalise but as it is now, MSA has not stated its criteria for selection! Go figure out how MSA would have picked the finalist if there were no MYSC!!

As this is our first WYSC, we have to start somewhere.
Selection for future WYSC candidate would have to be streamlined with WSC selection.
Ultimately, we want the best to represent Malaysia!

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