Sunday, August 27, 2006

MYSC Selection

There has been so many enquiries re: MYSC selection.

With reference to the Sunday July 16 posting, 240 students took part in the Inter-school finals on 27th -28th May 2006. If all 240 were to compete in MYSC, 20 students would have been shortlisted.
As only 84 students participated, we did not select 20.

Selection is based on experience (how long students have been playing competitively - inter-school, national open, etc), ratings and ranking. Their birthdate has to be after 1st Jan 1989.
* In Malaysian selection for WSC, one of the criteria is that you have to play a certain number or games in a year prior to the selection ( apart from ratings and ranking).

The shortlisted form 5 students have been omitted because they will be sitting for their SPM in November and December.

Eventually, 5 students plus 3 stand ins would be selected.
Untill we get sponsors, qualifiers would have to bear their own transportation and incidental cost.

It is my fervent hope now that some national body could help raise funds to sponsor our youths who will be representing Malaysia in the inaugural World Youth Scrabble Championship in Wollongong, Sydney , from 1-3 Dec 2006.

Sponsors are most welcome to make this event a reality for our young and budding youths to excel in Scrabble internationally.

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honestplay said...

For the benefits of those youth/players who had earlier participated in the MYSC tournament,we would appreciate if the MYSC tournament organiser could post on the blog who are the shortlisted and/or selected players representing Malaysia to the WYSC.