Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Preliminary 6th May 2006 at SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

the students concentrating hard.

A total of 88 students from 10 schools took part, of which, 8 teams played under-15 and 14 teams played under-18.

Results for under 18

1 SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, CK (16, +1696)

2 SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, ELM Worder (15, +1999)

3 SMK St. John, Orange Garuda (15, +1371)

4 SMK Sultan Alam Shah Putrajaya, The Grand Masters (14, +1096)

5 SMK Victoria, Blue Bloods (12, +1057)

6 SMK Desa Perdana, Perdana (12, +870)

7 SMK Seri Hartamas, Sigma (12, +424)

8 SMK Tinggi Setapak, Hize School 2 (8, -487)

9 SMK Taman Kosas, The Sparkling Diamonds (7, +986)

10 SMK St. Mary, Seraphians (7, -909)

*Top four teams out of 14 teams were invited for finals

Under 15

1 SMK St. John, Ocean Eagle (18, +2235)

2 SMK St. Mary, Seraphians (15, +1174)

2 SMK Victoria, Blue Genes (15, +1174)

4 MK Sultan Alam Shah Putrajaya, Cyclonic Zephyr (11, +630)

5 SMK Seri Hartamas, Omega (8, -803)

6 SMK Taman Kosas, Shining Stars (5, -1269)

7 SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, Phoenix (5, -1402)

8 SMK Desa Perdana, Perdana (2, -1689)

*Top 3 teams out of 8 teams were invited for finals


sherrina said...

hi there,
I got to know about ur blog from The Star. Is there any Scrabble Club in KL for adult?

myscrabble said...

Hi Sherrina,
You are most welcome to join the scrabble corner at 10th Avenue Food Mall Berjaya Times Square every Saturday from noon till 8pm.
Invite your scrabble kaki and bring your scrabble sets there to spar with some Masters or students present.i will conduct scrabble workshop for beginners and students when I am done with the inter-school competition. Watch out for the coming Malaysian Mensa scrabble competition.

sherrina said...

hello my scrabble,

Sure, I'll drop by. I always go to Berjaya Times Square but never take the opportunity to visit the 10th floor. I might do that :)

p/s: Please inform me if you have any workshop coz I would like to attend it (doesn't matter if it's for children) coz I've left Scrabble for quite some time. I need to brush up on it again. Oh ya, are you working with a company that conduscts all this activity?

myscrabble said...

Hi Sherrina,
We have decided to shift the Scrabble Corner every SUNDAY. Understand that many parents have to send their children for tuition classes on Saturday, hence, the switch.
I am not sponsored by any company to start the Scrabble Corner but I do have the support from Berjaya Times Square and Mattel for sponsoring the inter-school championship. As a parent, I believe Scrabble is a very good game for all- children and adults as well. We will not go senile if we keep our brain cells active! Watch out for more news in the Star two scrabble column or continue to visit my blog. will keep you posted.