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myscrabble rules

MyScrabble Rules 2007

Rules and Regulations

The following rules will take precedence over the standard Scrabble rules issued with the British version of the game.

  1. It is the responsibility of each player to check his opponent’s plays and scores. A Player must keep score and running total for both himself and his opponent.
  2. Each player is allowed 25 minutes to complete all plays. An extra 5 minutes will be awarded once the regulation time of 25 minutes has elapsed. Players will be penalized 10 points for every minute overtime. This is up to a maximum of 50 points or 5 minutes.
  3. The 2 blanks can represent any desired letter. Once a blank is played and a letter is nominated to represent the blank, it will remain that letter until the game ends.
  4. Players shall draw tiles to determine the start. Player with the letter closest to the start of the alphabet goes first. The tiles must then be returned to the bag and shuffled ready for the game to begin.
  5. A player is allowed to change as many tiles as he wishes providing that there are 7 or more tiles in the bag. Once he has confirmed that there are 7 tiles, he must announce to his opponent his intention to exchange as well as the number of tiles he is exchanging. The player will then press the clock indicating that his turn is over and then place face down the tiles he is exchanging, replenish his rack and return the unwanted tiles into the bag. A player may change whenever he wishes as each exchange counts as a turn.
  6. A player is allowed to challenge only when a) His opponent has played a word and presses his clock (opponent’s) or b) his opponent has played a word but does not press the clock and instead proceeds to put his hand into the bag to withdraw fresh tiles. When challenging, the clock will be neutralized and the player challenging will write the word/s being challenged on a piece of paper and give it to the Runners. If the word is a YES, then the word challenged is ruled acceptable and play continues as per normal. If the word is a NO, then the opponent will remove the word/s from the board and loses his turn.
  7. Players are not allowed to consult any word source during the game. A player found doing so will be disqualified.
  8. Word source will be Collins Tournament & Club Word List 2007.
  9. The match ends when:
    a) any player has used all his/her tiles on the rack
    b) there are no more tile(s) in the bag; or
    c) when both players pass three consecutive times.
  10. After the game has ended, the player who has finished all his tiles adds to his score TWICE the total tile value of his opponent’s remaining tiles. If both players have tiles left on their racks, each player should deduct from his score the total tile value of his residual tiles.
  11. All questions on eligibility, qualifications, interpretation of the rules as well as all other matters in dispute not covered for in the above mentioned rules and regulations shall be referred to the Tournament Director whose decision is FINAL

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